Powered by Squirrels


Welcome – I'm Birdie. I'm the one behind Powered by Squirrels. I'm a firm believer in the environmental impact of madness.

I don't believe I have more voices in my head than anyone else. Mostly, I just gave them all names.

Portrait of Birdie

First, you have me, Birdie. The bare basics of humanity. Yeah, try hearing THAT one in your pram.

Portrait of Draco

Draco is my intelligence. Yeah, he's a dragon, and dragons are cool. But don't let that fool you. He is a complete and total nerd in every sense of the word.

Portrait of Mary Sue

Next, there's Mary Sue. She's my Romantic side. She loves long walks on the beach, Yoga, and driving Birdie absolutely nuts.

Portrait of Lukas

Then, there's Lukas. Lukas, Lukas, Lukas. He is my Dark side. A six foot tall vampire, his tongue is as sharp as his fangs and he wears leather pants. Enough said.

Portrait of Will Rye

Last, we have Will Rye. He's my Hippie side. He also likes long walks on the beach, Yoga, and driving Birdie nuts.